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Standard metal window well.
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Installing an egress window is an important investment in your home.  
 Besides adding value, an egress window can help to protect the safety of those you love. 

Why choose Advanced Waterproofing & Foundation Repairs to install your egress window Because we do it THE RIGHT WAY! 

And, we provide a MINIMUM 10 YEAR WARRANTY!

We get calls every week to repair egress windows that leak because they were not properly installed.  We've seen window wells turn into fish bowls,  and then inevitably, into basement water problems.  Because we have seen the results of egress windows installed the "wrong way", we've developed our own unique process for installing egress windows --- guaranteed not to leak!

By following these important steps, we are able to offer up to 20-YEAR WARRANTIES!

Excavate to footing

We excavate down to the footing to ensure proper drainage*.  Many contractors will tell you this is not necessary and that you can save a lot of money by not having it dug so deep.  Unfortunately, the money you save --- AND MORE --- will most likely be spent on repairs down the road.  Without proper drainage, water will eventually seep into your basement.  This is especially devastating if you have a finished basement.  It's one huge headache that can be easily avoided.

*If you have very sandy soil, excavation to the footing may not be necessary to ensure proper drainage.  In this case, our estimate will clearly state this, and our pricing will be reflected accordingly.  Most importantly, we will still give you the same great warranty!

Waterproof exposed wall

Next we clean and repair any cracks in the foundation, and waterproof the exposed wall under the egress window. 

This is another important step that is often overlooked.  By carefully inspecting the foundation, repairing any existing cracks, and applying waterproofing membrane in this area, we are eliminating potential troublespots before they become big problems.



For best results, we recommend a drain tile be installed at the bottom of the egress window well.  This allows water to drain directly into the drain tile system. 

If an exterior drain tile system does not exist, we can dig beneath the footing and connect into an interior drain tile system. 

This extra step will extend our warranty from 10 years to 20 YEARS!


We install a drainage fabric liner in the excavated area, followed by washed rock, typically to within 8 inches of the bottom of the new window.

After the rock is leveled, we install an additional layer of drainage fabric and cover this with another 4 inches of rock. 

The drainage fabric liner is extended up the sides of the window well, including between the excavated soils and the egress window well. 

This prevents soils and sediment from interfering with proper drainage.



Timber window wells are lined on the outside with dimpled drainage sheeting.  This is a waterproofing material that allows water to drain down the side of the window well.  This provides a protective barrier, keeping water and soils from damaging the window well.

Stone window wells are also well protected . . . . . with drainage fabric liner and washed rock surrounding the outside of the window well.


The excavated soils are back-filled and compacted. 

We remove and dispose of all excess dirt and debris.



Optional interior finishing of your egress window.



We provide a variety of custom-designed window wells to fit your landscaping and budget!

Single window with standard TIMBER window well

Single window with STONE window well

Double window; STONE window well with 1 planter box

Double window; TIMBER well with 2 planter boxes


Double window; STONE well with 1 planter box

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TIP:  When comparing egress window bids, be sure to ask about a warranty.  We stand behind our work with a minimum 10-YEAR WARRANTY!  (This extends to 20 years if we connect to your drain tile system.)

Our goal is to EXCEED your expectations!